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How long have you two been shooting weddings?


We met at college where we were both pursing art/photography degrees. Ellie started the business while we were still in college and ran it by herself for two years. We graduated, moved up to Portland and after a bit of transition time decided to make the business a partnership. That was one of our best decisions ever.

As soon as we decided to run it together we gave it everything. We worked and hustled and grinded every day together and turned our baby into something we’re immensely proud of. We have shot together since 2015 and are starting our 5th wedding season with the start of 2019.

This is our full time job. Neither one of us have other jobs outside of wedding photography. We are all in on this and we love it.



My significant other hates having their photo taken. What do you do to address that?


Tell your fiancé that we get it! That it’s completely understandable and we can relate. Part of the philosophy we wanted to build into the way we took photos was the complete and utter belief in simple being beautiful. That honesty and being emotionally present with each other is more important than any pose.

We all want to look good. We want to look happy, and gorgeous, and deeply in love. And we definitely want you to love the way you look and trust us when we say that by and far we all tend to look our best selves when we are being open and interacting with the person we love the most.

We recommend that couples try and look at taking photos with us as an opportunity for a romantic date with each other and put less emphasis (at least at first) on all the other ideas engagement and wedding photos get tied up with. Save the dates are great and important but they aren’t, in our opinion, why we place such high value on taking engagement photos, for example.

One of the best experiences we ever had was atop a mountain, when at the end of the engagement session, as dusk set in, the guy put his arm around his girl and with his voice choking told us that taking photos with us was so intimate and by far one of the best dates he had ever had with her.

We want that for everyone!



Do you go on site visits?


Yes, and we enjoy spending time with our couples, but they are not vital so don’t feel pressured to have one because it’s part of what’s expected. In fact most our couples don’t do a site visit with us for one reason or another. If you are getting married at a Portland venue there’s a good chance we’ve shot at it before. Which is great because we can show you examples of how it looks and tell you all about our experience shooting there. But if you have a venue we haven’t had the pleasure of shooting at before that’s fine too.

We believe in being very through with you throughout the process of planning your wedding. We want to help plan and give you our opinions and insights. And in that sense sites visits are great but not absolutely crucial. One of the most important things to us as your photographers is light. That’s what we look for more than anything at locations. That’s a big part of our job and because we’re always looking for great light we’ve become confident in finding it.

So, by all means let’s do a site visit because it’s exciting planning and visualizing your wedding and trust us we will LOVE talking with you about it but please don’t feel like it’s a must do part of the checklist with us.



Do couples who book you usually meet with you in person before booking?


We experience an incredibly high number of inquiries each year, and for that reason we choose to have all our contact prior to booking be over Skype/Facetime/phone or email.

While it would be SUPER awesome to be able to meet each and every inquiry, we want to make sure we are reserving all our in-person time for our clients and giving them our 100% best.

If you are interested in a call/facetime chat, go to our Contact Form to set up an appointment today!



Why are your photos so dark?


You may have noticed that our photos look different than what is considered standard in the Wedding Photography world, and that is what we LOVE about our work and what we offer!

We want all our photos to have an expressive, emotive and cinematic feel, and we feel that the way we edit really captures the mood of the moment, and allows you to relive your wedding day how it was and tell the story in a genuine and contemplative style.

Your wedding day and the available light on your day will largely depend on the weather that is present. Bright High-Noon sunny days will reflect a warmer vibe and show the day being as light and bright as it was, and similarly, days that are dark and rainy we showcase in all their dreamy, moodiness.

If you were to ask us to describe our style we wouldn’t nescessarily call it dark and moody, although we can definitely understand that being used as shorthand. We would emphaize that we believe great shadows are as important to good light as highlights are.

If you want examples of what our weddings look like in certain lighting situations or in certain climates, feel free to contact us and we would be happy to provide you examples of what you can expect on your wedding day!



Do we receive the RAW photo files?


We deliver all our high resolution images in JPEG file format, which allows for easy viewing, uploading, downloading and sharing with loved ones. We want you to have the pleasure of enjoying all of your images fully edited and looking their best, and we feel like you are REALLY going to love the finished result in this selected file format!

Raw files (extra large, unedited photos) are files that most people can’t open without special software, and really don’t reflect the type of deliverables we feel our clients deserve. It’s important that we shoot photos in raw but it would almost be like expecting a painter to deliver his sketches to a client instead of the finished painting. Raw photos are simply not finished work and we want our clients to receive our best efforts.

If you have more questions on this, feel free to contact us and we can give you specific examples and sample galleries to show you what you will be getting with your Wedding Collection!



What’s the process should we decide to move forward with you?


When you feel ready to move forward with us all we require is $800 down to reserve your wedding date (with the remaining balance due the week of the wedding). From there a customized agreement is made containing the price package of your choice and sent to you ready for an electronic signature! EASY!