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Ellie and Will. I first came across this magnificent duo on Instagram. After that, I was hooked. I stalked them like a crazy woman on Instagram and Facebook. And then got my now husband, just as hooked. We would msg each other during the work day, super excited whenever they posted something. Something that both Ellie and Will don't know is that after we had our first phone call, we cancelled ever single other appointment/interview we had with other photographers. We knew we NEEDED them and no one else would do so why bother wasting time. When you speak to them for the first time, you'll understand exactly what I'm referring to. You will not find another duo more kind, more caring and more passionate than these two. That's why we booked two sessions with them and have already decided, whether they thought I was kidding or not- they will be our go to when we get pregnant for our maternity photos. I don't know what else we can possibly say about these two. You will never feel more comfortable than you will when you shoot with Ellie and Will. The hours flew by with every shoot. They make you feel like a million dollars annnd a super model and I don't know about you but who doesn't want to feel that way. Our shoots were so much fun and filled with endless laughter and encouragement. We had dinner after each shoot because you don't want the fun to end and because Ellie and Will will ultimately become your favorite people on the face of the planet. They will become more than just your photographers, they will become your very best friends and your family. Do yourself a favor and stop looking. You won't find anyone better than this unicorn duo. We love you Ellie and Will! Thank You for being a part of our lives, for leaving us speechless with every single shot and for capturing the moments the way no one else can.


This dynamic, camera-toting duo has the complete package - a creative vision, an attention to detail, and an experimental and adventurous flair that will result in a jaw-dropping photo gallery. We admire how Ellie and Will captured the emotional and delicate moments of our engagement and wedding. Like magical photo fairies, they were always there for that perfect shot, but made us feel like they weren’t. They gave us excellent guidance and direction without being distracting or overbearing. Full of enthusiasm and excitement, they helped boost our confidence, and it reflects in our photos. They remained flexible throughout and easily adapted to several last-minute changes on our wedding day. Ellie even stepped into the role of a secondary wedding planner when it was needed. Professionalism is undoubtedly one of their strong suits - asking all the right questions, listening to our requests, and always making our sure our needs were met. Planning months in advance and providing us with detailed schedules and timelines proved to us their impressive organization skills and preparedness. We had no unclear or unmet expectations - only exceeded ones. Ellie and Will complement each other in their talents, making a great team with double the skill. They love what they do, take pride in their work, and go above and beyond in all areas. Looking through our thoughtfully edited and organized gallery, we see each photo as a masterpiece - natural, magical, timeless, and charming. This couple has the unique ability to capture your personality and relationship in a way you’ve never seen before! It would take a book to cover all of their incredible qualities... They not only have enhanced our love story, but have also become our life-long friends. Do yourself a favor and book Ellie Asher Photography now!


Ellie and Will are a serious power couple! They work together to capture a very authentic and honest picture of each couple's love story. We were recommended to them by a family friend and as soon as we saw their work we knew that we wanted them to capture us on our wedding day and the days leading up to it. We worked with them for our engagements, first look and wedding photos and each shoot captured a different side or point of view of Eric's and my story. We are not models and were a little nervous when it came time for the first photo adventure but as soon as we started they helped us to feel so incredibly comfortable in front of the cameras. They also provided us with wonderful directions to help us to not only look great but feel great as well. As our photos came back one shoot after the next we fell more and more in love! Each photograph is a work of art that we are proud to hang in our home and excited to show to others. For us the photography was the most important detail of our wedding because we knew that of all of the material things it was the one thing that would last. I would choose them again and again! Thank you so much for capturing the magic that I feel every time I look at my husband!


 “They captured an essence I didn't know we as a couple exuded.”

-Ashley + Ben



Where do I even start to tell you how great this husband and wife team are. When my search for my photographer for our wedding started I went through a lot of portfolios. Ellie and Will's spoke to me. I interviewed Ellie and I was sold. I knew that her form of art was what I wanted to capture our wedding. The way they help every step of the way was so helpful. They not only help with organizing timing but they also help you make overwhelming decisions that come with wedding planning. On to the photos, the day of they made sure all of the shots we wanted were taken. They have a truly skilled eye for positioning and observing the light. I can say hands down the best investment of our wedding was having Ellie and Will as our photographers. I would strongly recommend them!!



If you are anxious about having your picture taken, uncomfortable in front of the camera, or are self conscious, do yourself a favor and hire Ellie and Will! Amazing, sweet, kind, funny, smart, talented...there aren’t enough words to describe this couple. I was SO worried about my fiancé’s photo anxieties and lack of confidence would totally ruin my wedding photography experience, but oh my goodness Ellie and Will saved the day. I never once felt uncomfortable, and in the words of my fiancé “Wow they really made it so easy!”. I never felt more beautiful or more relaxed taking pictures ever, and I’m worried after having such a great experience with them, that any other photo experience will be subpar. If you want true talent please hire Ellie and Will. They are truly, and I’m not exaggerating, two of the kindest hearted people I have ever met. I had so many people come up to me post wedding to tell me how much they appreciated the way they directed the photography, stubborn family and all. These two might be the best dang photographers ever. Take a look at their Instagram page and be prepared to have your breath taken away. Thank you Ellie and Will, thank you, thank you, thank you! ❤️


If you're looking for the best of the best please look no further because it won't get better than the dynamic duo of Ellie & Will. They bring so much more to the table than just photography that my husband and I were blown away after our first phone call. From that moment forward Ellie was there for us every step of the way; whether it was deciphering my frantic chain of text messages or a simple phone call to check in and say hello. You'll never feel like you're sharing the spotlight with another couple because they give you all them 100% of the time. Their energy is contagious, their passion for life is moving, and their love for what they do is electrifying. Our engagement shoot outside of our wedding will forever be one of my fondest memories. Ellie & Will brought such calm and peace to the day that we felt like it was just us hanging out on the beach laughing and loving life. They captured an essence I didn't know we as a couple exuded. Living in the moment is the hardest part of planning your wedding and staying present on the actual day can be an even harder thing but these two grab hold of every piece of emotion and turn it into the most beautiful raw experience that you can't help but want to stay in that moment forever. Prepare to embark on the most magical journey because Ellie Asher Photography will leave you nothing short of breathless!